Monday, 22 February 2016

Terrific Tuesday

We are still waiting on some "I am Unique" photos and stories.  If you haven't already done so please forward them to us as soon as you can. Thankyou.
The girls experienced drawing with water colours and then
painting over their drawing with water.

 Charlotte had a great strategy in Art today. Using multiple
water colours together! Well done Charlotte.
Chloe is our birthday girl today! Happy birthday Chloe
from all your friends at Pre-K

 Singing happy birthday to Chloe.
 Dinner is served!

More fun today writing their name and using sound effects!

What fun practicing their listening skills by 
whispering one word to one another. It was
completely changed when it got to the last person!



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  1. Absolutely loving the photo's and updates Mrs Abfalter. Thank you for taking the time and sharing these with us all! Vicki Cooper