Thursday, 10 March 2016

Frantic Friday

Well we made it through another very busy, exciting week at Pre-K.  Just a reminder for next week.
As you should all be aware our swimming program for Pre-K starts next week. Could all girls please bring their swimmers, towels, goggles, caps.  Please do not include thongs or sandals. Thankyou. 

Girls did rubbings with various items behind their page.
They used different items such as feathers and paper with 
different textures. They did these with crayons.

 Their self portraits are coming along nicely.

We love doing puppet shows.

We had an Easter sing a long.

 Ms McKendry, Miss Jeong and Ms Scandrett are starting up Lego Club every 
Wednesday lunch time. Pre-K may attend each Week B with Kindy students.
Mrs Gardoll took us for Library today.

I love writing my numbers.
The butterfly group discussed what they know 
about butterflies.  We then came up with questions
on what we want to find out. 

 Drawing our butterflies

 The Cockroach group discussed what they know about
cockroaches, came up with questions to investigate and looked at different parts of a cockroach.

This is a picture of my family.  My mum has orange hair!

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