Thursday, 17 March 2016

Swimming Week is Finished!!!

What a HUGE week! The girls settled into the morning in the Big Space. We are very proud of them as they are all playing so nicely with each other.

Mrs Abfalter was away sick today :( We missed her and we hope she feels better soon!!!

During Art today with Mrs Lloyd, the students experimented with watercolour paints while Tiffany and Charlotte continued with their self-portraits.

After Art it was time for Evandale Assembly. We watched 1E present their assembly about self-awareness.

After Fruit Play we went to Library with Mrs McMullan. We practised learning our alphabet so we can return our books and put them in the right 'alphabet letter family'. We listened beautifully to a story and then it was time to chose another book to borrow.

We went straight to swimming after library. Everyone did an amazing job in the pool with their swimming teachers. The girls deserve a very relaxing weekend after all their hard work during their intensive swimming week!

We have some goggles that have lost their owner. If you recognise them, please jot a note in the Handbook.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! See you next week xx

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