Thursday, 28 April 2016

Fabulous Friday

Mrs Lloyd has been teaching us about colour blending.
We practised blending colours while we drew, using oil pastels.

Some of us are still finishing off our self portraits. 


 Mrs McMullen is teaching us all about letter families
and she read us a book about all the letters of the alphabet. 
Please remember library bags each Friday. 
Mrs McMullen allowed some girls to borrow books without a library bag today, 
please ensure these books return to school next Friday in a book bag. 

We were very enthusiastic helpers when Ms Newman read us
'We're going on a Bear Hunt'.
We discussed the meaning of some words from the book such as 'wavy', 'stumble' and 'furry'. 

We also practised alliteration, there is certainly plenty in the book!

We look forward to having Miss McKendry be back on Monday.
Have a fun weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Thursday is for Thanking

Today was filled with lots of surprise activities.

Mrs Abfalter was away sick today. We missed her! We hope you get better soon :)

Mrs Cooper, was asked to come in to use her fantastic art and craft skills. Each grade has been asked to create a piece of art to auction during the PLC Open Day and Fair. Mrs Cooper worked with us to create a beautiful gardenscape filled with butterflies, caterpillars and flowers. She is so clever! Thank you very much for helping us today. The canvas looks absolutely beautiful. We can't wait to show everyone the finished product!

While some girls focused on the artwork, the rest of us got our heart rates up during our weekly fitness session.

After fitness we came into the classroom for our regular PreLit lesson. Today we practised saying and making up silly sentences filled with alliteration. We made up sentences for the 'sssss' and 'mmmm' sound.

Kaitlyn: Smiling snakes swimming.

Faye: Swimming snakes sliding.

Jiashan: Swimming smiling snakes.

After Fruit Play we had our first discussion about our new project. We looked at some objects and shared what we knew about them. What are these items? Who would use them?

Afterwards, some of us worked with Miss Jeong and Miss McKendry on our letter names and sounds and to demonstrate what we knew about reading books. We enjoyed creating shapes with play dough and at the drawing table, pretending to be doctors and patients on the stage, reading books together and creating an amazing fairy garden together.

Today we practised for a lockdown. It happened in the middle of the day. In the morning we talked about what would happen and what we needed to do and understood that the alarm was going to be a surprise. Everyone was so sensible and listened to the teachers. Mrs Cooper even had to join us! Miss Jeong and Miss McKendry were so impressed with us!

It was a very nice day! :)
Thank you again Mrs Cooper for sharing your art and craft skills with us. We loved working with you today!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tuesday 27 April

We asked the girls questions about the bear hunt in the
story.  They described the bear hunt using descriptive words
like big, wavy for the grass and did movements to the story.

God is strong was the focus of our lesson today.  The story 
Mr Morphew read called "Captain of the Storm" explained how
a fishing boat was caught in a rough storm and Jesus protected his
people by speaking to the storm. It instantly stopped and everyone was 
saved.  The people then realised God was special and they didn't have
to be afraid.

 Girls drew a picture of being strong from the story
We are reading sentences and picking out words and 

 We continued this activity using the ipads.