Monday, 25 April 2016

First Day Back

We hope you all had a wonderful, restful break and your ready for another busy term ahead.  
We are finishing off our self portraits and preparing something
very special for Mother's Day!
We are learning to acknowledge first sounds in
words such as bat, hat, mug by using our visual
pictures to help us.

This term we are starting to look at movement used
in gymnastics such as balance and co-ordination. Today
we had fun on the beam and did some pencil rolls as well 
as practising our catching and throwing.

We had alot of fun today talking about 'Graphing" Graphing helps
us to organise our favourite colours.  We started
this by talking about hair colour.
 Girls with blonde hair
 Girls with brown hair

 Our end result!
Brown proved to be the most popular haircolour and
red was the least common haircolour.  We found out 7 girls have blonde
hair, 6 girls have black hair, 8 have brown hair, 1 had red hair.
We asked the girls what else we could use graphs for.   Some answers
were, ear ring colour, Faye suggested lips and skin.
 Our Monster Movie showed us ways we can find 
out things.

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