Friday, 20 May 2016

Fabulous Friday

Today we had a bit of a different start to the day. One of our beloved Kindy teachers Mrs Antonio is leaving to have her baby, so today is her last day. The Kindy teachers organised a special video and presented it in our Bigspace. 

We will miss you Mrs Antonio!

We looked at the colour yellow today.  Mrs Lloyd took four of us at a time and we painted large yellow circles, triangles and squares.  We talked about what yellow reminds us of:

Sunflower - Sophia T 
 Sun - Athena

Mrs Lloyd showed us an example of what we will be doing with Art Shapes.
Mrysina pointed out tree made of triangles
 squares made up part of the house - Sophie 

We were asked what colours we have done so far.

Athena said red, yellow, blue and they were primary colours.  Well done Athena!

We could draw or stick the shapes on our page.  We used oil pastels, pencils. We did some amazing pictures.

We did an activity with a small group doing an art shape collage with our circles, triangles and squares. 

We made hats for National Simultaneous Storytime Day which is next Wednesday.  Mrs McCullen started to read us a book called "I got this hat" by Jol and Kate Temple.

  All schools will be reading this book next Wednesday so we will be wearing our hats in the morning!  

We can't wait to show them off.

Special Visitor - Dr Verma
We had a very special visitor come to visit the Pre-Kindy classroom - Dr Verma (Ishana's dad).
He came to teach us about how he helps people when they are feeling unwell and the various types of medicine there is. He also taught us different parts of the body and how to take care of them and how the food pyramid works.   


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