Thursday, 12 May 2016

Fun day Friday!

Pre-Kindy were back to full swing of things with Miss Jeong and Miss McKendry back in the classroom. The teachers both loved being back today.


We learnt about the colour blue today.
We lay down on the floor and Mrs Lloyd put on some sounds for us to listen to.  We listened and thought the sounds were like:
- waves crashing
- water coming out of a tap
- bubbles

It reminded me of a blue dragon. Sophia B
Or water splashing. Phynix

We talked about how the sounds made us feel.
Happy. Anneke
Bubbles. Crystelle-Marie
It felt like water all round her. Kate
It felt like she could see potatoes all around her. Sophie
It makes her feel cool and relaxed. Sophia T

After we listened to the sounds and discussed how the colour blue made us feel we went into the
Bigspace and painted circles, squares and triangles blue with Mrs Lloyd and we also drew these shapes in our art books and coloured them in with the same colours. 


Evandale Assembly
It was KA's turn to run the assembly today. They were talking about what it takes to be a good friend. 
- always share
- care for others
- play together nicely
- look after each other

Pre-K were so good at sitting during assembly - that we were asked to take a bow. WOW! That mean't we were able to leave assembly first. 

W had a lovely story read to us called "Did you take the Bb from my book"
We practiced the sound the letter Bb makes.
We were then asked to guess what some of the words in the story were without the letter B. It was a little tricky, but we had thee help of some pictures. 

I love my_ed it is the _est _ed in the whole world.
Here is a pair of _lue _oots. We all shouted out BLUE 

Period 4:
Miss McKendry took a group of girls and practiced name writing, Wow we have really improved. We are now using a Capital letter and then lower case letters.

Miss Jeong practiced number formation on the Ipads with a groups of girls. We are really improving our numbers 0-10.

We hope you all have a relaxing weekend and we look forward to seeing you in Week 15A. 

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