Thursday, 26 May 2016

Happy Friday!

 What a happy Friday we have had. We have all really settled so well into Term 2.

Mrs Lloyd brought in a big ball to show us.  We had to try and guess what shape it was.

Tiffany - said a sphere!!  Well done Tiffany.

We are going to be tying material onto this big sphere and shapes made out of different materials. This sphere is going to be blue.

We had a good look at it and Kaitlin - thought it was made from plastic and glass.  Mrs Lloyd told us it was made of pine and plastic.  Good effort Kaitlin.
This blue ball will be kept in our classroom alongside our yellow cone and we will be working on these shapes every week in Art.  How exciting.

We also did some painting of our shape art and these will be displayed on our big shapes when they are finished.

Mrs McMullan put on a video about a booked called "I Got this Hat".  It was about hats made into:

- viking hats
-pirate hats
- eskimo hats
- mexican hats

This was continued from last weeks library lesson where we made our purple pirate hats that we have brought home.
Mrs McMullan said we could borrow the book called "I Got This Hat" and we can read it next week.

We continued our Doctors and Nurses Project by investigating - 'What we know' and 'wonder' about Pharmacists. We came up with some really interesting questions to ask Sophie's mum on Monday. We can't wait to learn from an expert.

Have a happy and relaxing weekend!!


1. School Photos:
Tuesday 31 May is Junior School Photo Day. Class, individual and sisters’ photographs will be taken.

Thank you to those parents who have already returned their photo envelopes.

In readiness for photographs, here are some gentle reminders:
  • Blazers must be worn.
  • Hair below the collar needs to be appropriately tied back with school ribbons/scrunchies.
  • Shoes must be polished.
  • All badges must be worn.
  • Plain silver or gold studs of sleepers as earrings.
  • Black stockings, not green socks, should be worn.
  • Family photo envelopes are available from Mrs Tolladay in Hamilton and Mrs Outram in Evandale.
  • Please take the time to read the relevant information on the MSP Photography payment envelopes.

2. Mufti Day
Wednesday 1 June will be Mufti Day. So the Pre-Kindy girls will be required to bring in a gold coin donation and in return they are able to wear their casual clothes. 

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