Sunday, 15 May 2016

Magnificent Monday

Today we began the day with PreLit. We predicted and listened to the story 'Baby Boomsticks'. We revised how to read a book by pointing out the top and bottom of a book, the front and back covers and the title. We always talk about the jobs of the author and illustrator. We also shared what we already knew about babies and some tricky vocabulary.

'teeny weeny'
Tea - means small
Eloise - ant
Sophie - flea
Myrsina - bee
Phynix - fly

Sophia B means big problem
Sophia T - really sick
Sophie L - having a bit of trouble

Baby Boomsticks had a special sticker on the front cover. Tiffany said "it means pretty good book."

Mrs Abfalter played the fishing game with some of us. We are practising our letter names and sounds.

In Chapel today Mr Morphew spoke about the Holy Spirit and how even though we can't see God, God is always with us. Sometimes the talk about God as 'fire' in the Bible.

We are still so intrigued by insects! We found a caterpillar in the playground during Fruit Play.

After Fruit Play we went to Music. We continued exploring sounds: singing and talking voices, high and low voices and the difference between squealing and shouting.

We LOVE singing and moving to the 'Snail Song'! We practised stomping to the beat. We learnt that there can be 1 or 2 sounds in a beat.

Back in the classroom we did lots of things! Some of us practised writing numbers with Miss Jeong, others practised reading and matching objects to numbers with Mrs Abfalter. Miss McKendry made smartie graphs with some of us. 

If we didn't get our turn today at these activities we will get ours soon, during the week!


How many fingers do you need for zero?
Jude: I don't need any. Zero means nothing!

Special Information for Parents:

There will be a special Snap Sale on Wednesday 25 May from 1pm-2.30pm

This will be the final opportunity in Term 2 to purchase second hand uniform items: blazers, tunics and shirts.

After this, the Second Hand Uniform Shop will be closed until the Term 3 Sale on 27 July.

All inquires to the Coordinator:

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