Sunday, 29 May 2016

Monday Magic

Today we had another special guest, Melanie (Sophie's Mum). She is a Pharmacist and she told us a lot of interesting things about her job. She also showed us a prescription and lots of different types of medicines. Melanie showed us how to use some of them. We saw liquids, tablets, powders, creams, drops and a puffer with it's spacer. Melanie also reminded us about the importance of not taking medicines unless an adult we know gives it to us,.

Afterwards Miss McKendry explained how to use some new exciting things that we can play with on the stage. We brainstormed why doctors might need these things when the are working in a hospital.

Sophia T - this stops you from sneezing (face mask)
The face mask stops your germs from ingecting the patient and vice versa.

Sofia B - used in case floor is dirty (protective covers over shoes) 

Kaitlyn - because the floor is slippery and stops you from falling over (protective covers over shoes)
The over shoes stop dirt from getting into the clean surgery room. Also they stop the doctors' shoes from getting dirty.

Eloise - listen to our heart (stethoscope)
Anneke - to listen to our breathing (stethoscope)
Welldone Eloise and Anneke, you have been listening to our guest speakers!

Thank you to Miss McKendry's mum and dad for donating these to Pre-Kindergarten. They are doctors too!

During Chapel Mr Morphew told us what a saint is. A saint isn't someone who has done better at things than others.

Mr Morphew: Everyone is a saint who trusts and accepts God.

We also looked at the gift of life and what this means. The Gift of LIfe is something precious that we should be thankful for and it is free.

At Music we practised using different voices with Mrs Clouston and had to say what voice it was - high or low. We sang Lucy Lockett together and then Charlotte and Tiffany sang it all by themselves. Wow!

After this we formed 2 groups. One group sang the words with the beat and the other group sang the words with their hands. Then we then sang the song using the sounds 'tee tee' and 'ta ta' instead of the words. We are learning that some words have one sound per beat others have two. 

We sang two other songs using our hands and clapping the beat - The Sea Saw song and Teddy Bear Song.  We are getting very good at clapping to the beats and singing the words at the same time.

When we came back we talked about what we had learnt about being a Pharmacist from earlier this morning. We took turns sharing our knowledge with the class. We also drew what we learnt.

Remember it is photo day tomorrow! 

Please make sure send in your money if you haven't done so already. Make sure you come to school in the correct uniform.

  • Blazers must be worn.
  • Hair below the collar needs to be appropriately tied back with school ribbons/scrunchies.
  • Shoes must be polished.
  • All badges must be worn.
  • Plain silver or gold studs of sleepers as earrings.
  • Black stockings, not green socks, should be worn.
  • Family photo envelopes are available from Mrs Tolladay in Hamilton and Mrs Outram in Evandale.
  • Please take the time to read the relevant information on the MSP Photography payment envelopes.

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