Sunday, 8 May 2016

Rainy Rainy Monday

Today we were inside for most of the day as it was raining outside. Fingers crossed it is sunny tomorrow so we can get outside for fruit play and lunch.

During PreLit, Miss Jeong read us the story "How to catch a Star" by Oliver Jeffers. We discussed the role of the author and illustrator, title of the story and where the front and back of the book is. We also looked at and compared a letter to a word. Miss Jeong then asked us some tricky questions about the book to see if we were paying attention.

"What is a star"
" Where do you usually find stars"

We watched a short video about visiting the doctors. We found out that doctors investigate how tall we are, how heavy we are, as well as if our eyes and ears work and they even have to give us needles sometimes. Ouch!!!

Mr Morphew talked about the need for consequences.

'If God is a God of love...
then he also needs to be a God who judges and destroys evil.

Fruit play inside:
As it was raining outside we ate fruit play inside in the Bigspace. Here is a photo of us eating our healthy fruit play. YUM YUM!!! 

During music we are continuing to learn how to keep the beat. We are becoming much better at this. We are also learning to identify different types of music such as lullabies. We also learnt about high and low sounds and using a speaking voice vs a singing voice. 

During maths we graphed using the Interactive White Board our results that Dr Jiashan collected last week. We learnt that the most common hair colour in Pre-Kindy is brown. The least common hair colour is red. 
We learnt that by putting the data into a graph - it makes it a lot easier to read the information. 

After lunch and rest time we had News. 
Kate talked about her apple picking experience with her sister and mum. She used the Interactive White Board to show us some photos. We learnt from her News that you can make lots of things from apples such as: apple cider and apple pies. 

Chloe brought in a photo of her and her father going down the slide and told us about how much she enjoys slippery slides. 

Please remember to wear the full school winter uniform. Here is a photo of our girls modelling the correct winter uniform. 
What Super Models!!!!

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