Monday, 30 May 2016

School Photo Day!!!

Today we all came to School looking extra sharp for Photo Day. We had our shoes polished, hair tied back and our Full School Winter uniform on, including our blazer. Wow we looked AMAZING!!

Our day was a little crazy, as it was raining outside, so photos were taken in our Bigspace and in the Evandale Library.

Today Mrs Lloyd showed us what everyone had brought in for our 3D shapes.   We have to bring in lots of different items that are in primary colours - red, blue, yellow.  So far we have beads, flowers, boxes, mop.  So many things!  These will be stuck on our 3D shapes.

A small group of us got to tie material onto our yellow cone and blue sphere.
We also continued on with our painting of our art shapes.  These are nearly done and will soon be hung on the wall for you to see.


We had some year 6 students set up different gymnastic workstations.  They demonstrated what we had to do.
We did pencil rolls, balancing on the beams, legs up the wall, climbing and some strengthening exercises.  We loved being with the year 6 girls.

Reminder: It is Mufti Day tomorrow. The girls are allowed to wear their casual clothes, but they will need to bring in a Gold coin donation.

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