Sunday, 22 May 2016

Shapes day Monday


We started our day with Ms Jeong asking us questions about a story we have read before called 'Baby Boomsticks'.  Athena did a great recount of the story.  Well done Athena.

Ms Jeong then read us the story again and then asked us questions.

What does jolly mean? Miss Jeong  
Happy. Sophia T

What does problem mean? Miss Jeong
Having some trouble. Sophie 

Ms Jeong then asked us is an ant teeny tiny?
Yes! Pre-K class

Is a whale teeny tiny? Miss Jeong
No way! Pre-K class

We are getting very clever at remembering stories!

Today we learnt more about 2D shape families. We looked at the triangle family, Circle family, rectangle family and the square family. 

Sophia T made groups of triangles, rectangles, squares and circles. They were in various colours and sizes. 

We all went outside on a 2D shape hunt, and found a lot of different shapes.
                         Sophie found a Triangle                                     Isabella found a square

Mr Morphew taught us about what it means to be part of a church. 

1. To encourage each other to keep following Jesus.
2. To help each other to love and to do good.
3. to share the good news of Jesus. 

He talked about the church that he goes to and showed us some photos.

Ms Clouston asked us to do high and low voices according to the colour bean bag she threw up in the air. We then sang our Good Morning song using high and low voices.

We sang our new snail song and clapped the beat to the words.  Chiarah stood up and sang the words and clapped the beat out.  Well done Chiarah.

We then sang Candles in the Night and singing with a soft voice then squeaky voice.
We clapped the beat to Lucy Lockett and Ms Clouston and Sophia T walked the beat together.  

Faye then walked to the words.  They both did very well.  We have to listen very hard to do this.

Ms Jeong asked us to draw some shapes that we had been learning about -  squares rectangles and triangles what type of lines do we need?

We all said STRAIGHT

What kind of shapes are these called? 
Family. Jessica
We need to think about this.  A tricky question!

What kind of lines is in a circle? 
Round ones. Sophia T
Lines have to meet to be called a shape. Miss Jeong
Swirly lines. Tea
Wiggly lines. Mila B

What else could we use to make straight lines?
Star. Chiarah
Isabella drew straight lines

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