Wednesday, 11 May 2016

T is for Thursday

Today we learnt about the letter Tt and the sound 't'.

When we went outside for Fitness we found some words that begin with the sound 't'.

tin man


We practised skipping which was really tricky!
Sadly Miss McKendry was unwell today, but fortunately Ms Newman was able to come back again. She worked with some of us to practise our letter formation. Others worked with Mrs Abfalter on blending sounds to make words. Some of us also practised reading numbers and matching objects to numbers.

 We read a Charlie and Lola story, 'I am TOO absolutely small for school'
which taught us that sometimes we can be really nervous about doing something new
but that  if we give it a go we might find it is actually fantastic!

We still managed to fit in plenty of exploratory play,
so we all need an early night to be ready to learn again tomorrow!

Remember to bring your all library bags and books tomorrow!

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