Monday, 23 May 2016


Today we began the day with Art with Mrs Lloyd. She came in with a BIG, yellow object. We will begin to add things to it until it is all covered. We will need to bring in some yellow items from home so that we can stick them on. This is going to be our crazy wrap sculpture and this will be kept in our classroom.  

Mrs Lloyd asked us what this object reminded us of. We all thought it looked like an upside down ice-cream.
Chiarah - A triangle
Sofia B - A witch's hat
Charlotte - A portrait

Mrs Lloyd explained to us a sculpture is when an artwork is not flat. She knows it's not flat because she can hug it! Mrs Lloyd told us that this was a 'cone'.

We watched a short video about primary colours as we have been learning about red, blue and yellow. I taught us what happens when we mix these colours.

After Art we did some blending in PreLit with Miss McKendry. As a whole class we blended these sounds to make short words:

o-n makes on
a-t makes at
i-s makes is
i - ll makes ill
u-p makes up
i-f makes fat - Hang on! This one was tricky!

We played a game where we each had a turn at blending two sounds together. Miss McKendry walked around the circle and tapped our heads as she said the sounds, and then the next person had to say the whole word.

We also discussed what some of the words mean, like 'ill' and 'odd'.

We had a lovely Fruit Play outside with Miss McKendry on duty.

It was time for PE. We met Mr Gasparintaros but we called him Mr G, he is a casual teacher, as Ms McKirdy was at Hamilton Athletic Carnival with the big girls. 

First Mr G told us his rules and the importance of listening to instructions. Then we played the 'Speed Game' and 'Piggy Game' which meant we had to run really fast and not get tipped by Mr G. We had a great running session and we were puffed by the end!.

When we came back, we saw that the stage has been turned into a Doctor's Surgery! Miss McKendry and Miss Jeong told us that it will be ready for us to play with tomorrow.

We took turns working with all the teachers to write our name and our age, do number activities and understanding the difference between a shape and a line. We painted curvy and straight lines.


At lunch time some of us have been enjoying playing 'Witches'. We have been pretending to make potions out of leaves. We have short little sticks as our wands. Miss Jeong said that as long as people were happy we could use the sticks. But if someone becomes sad, we have to stop using them.

It was such a great sunny day!

Special Note for Parents:

Tuesday 31 May is Junior School Photo Day. Class, individual and sisters’ photographs will be taken.

Thank you to those parents who have already returned their photo envelopes.

In readiness for photographs, here are some gentle reminders:
  • Blazers must be worn.
  • Hair below the collar needs to be appropriately tied back with school ribbons/scrunchies.
  • Shoes must be polished.
  • All badges must be worn.
  • Plain silver or gold studs of sleepers as earrings.
  • Black stockings, not green socks, should be worn.
  • Family photo envelopes are available from Mrs Tolladay in Hamilton and Mrs Outram in Evandale.
  • Please take the time to read the relevant information on the MSP Photography payment envelopes.

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