Monday, 16 May 2016

Technology Tuesday

We began our beautiful sunny day with Miss Jeong introducing a new App on the Ipad called - Write My Name.
It helps us with our name writing. It is going to be located in the Bigspace for all of us to us.

Miss Jeong said a word and we had to work out the beginning sound. We were so clever - here are some of the words:


Ms Martins came with a set of Ipads. We used an App called Popplets and did mind-mapping of our families.  This was so much fun as we got to type the names in our families and draw a picture of them using the Ipad.  Most of us drew 2 members of our families before we ran out of time.  We cant wait to have another go soon.

Miss McKirdy got us to start our lesson with a warm up game called "Monster in the Mud".  This is a running game so we quickly warmed up ready for our gymnastic workstations.
All of our activities focused on jumping, hopping, balancing today.  We did so many different things. 

"One of my favourites was throwing the big dice and counting out the number on the dice then picking up the card and copying a balance posture by the monkey!" said by Chiarah.

After PE we continued rotating through activities with Mrs Abfalter, Miss Jeong and Miss McKendry.

Here Miss Jeong is helping girls use the new App on the Ipad. This App helps us with letter formation and correct spelling of our names.

iss McKendry continued graphing smarties with some girls. Once we have finished graphing the smarties we get to eat one of the smarties then we take the rest home. This is such a fun way of learning about Data and how to graph.

Mrs Abfalter worked with a small group of girls and they had fun playing the fishing game. The fishing game helps consolidate letter names and sound knowledge. 

They sang:
We're going fishing, fishing, fishing
We're going fishing 
Let's catch a ....... S/M/T

Reminder: Please remember to bring in Portfolios, if you haven't already done so. 

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