Monday, 9 May 2016

Terrific Tuesday

It was a very windy day today. We ate indoors just to be safe! Luckily we got to have a run around after eating lunch because it was nice and sunny.

This Term in visual arts we will be looking at the fabulous work by the artist Hiromi Tango. As a class we are going to create an installation using the 5 senses - sight, touch, taste, hearing. To create this artwork we will focus on the primary colours and basic geometric shapes.  

To start the Art Project we passed a tomato around the class to see what it felt like, smells like, sounds like and looks like. We discussed what the colour red means to us.

'I think red smells like strawberry milk'. Jude

'Red reminds me of a crawling fire.' Mrs Lloyd.

Mrs Lloyd told us we need to start thinking about items at home to add to our sculpture, such as triangles, squares, and circles.

Today's lesson focused on rhyming words like fly and sky, wig and pig. We told Miss McKendry some words that rhymed with mat... sat, fat and rat.

Mrs Martins came to see some of us and showed us how to use the app Tellagami. We chose an avatar and recorded our voices. It's funny watching the avatar speak with our voice!

Today we continued our gymnastics skills. It has been a pretty busy day so far!

We practised matching objects to the numbers from 0-10 with Miss McKendry. We counted them to double check that we had the right amount. We also used our fingers to show different ways that we could make the numbers 0-5. Miss Jeong also practised reading numbers with us.

Athena, Sophie and Tiffany presented their News today. We were very impressed with Athena's rabbit and Tiffany's skeleton, and Sophie told some funny jokes.

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