Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Today we started the day with a special visitor... Dr Samar (Faye's Mum)! She talked to us about her job as a doctor and showed us some of the tools that she uses. Dr Samar showed us some medicine that looks like lollies. So we must only eat them if an adult we know, gives them to us. Dr Samar taught us how to clean a wound and put a bandage on it.

It was really cold this morning, so we did some yoga and dancing indoors. We love taking off our shoes and enjoying the yoga story!

We ate Fruit Play inside as well due to the weather.

Afterwards, we reflected on what we had learnt from our two doctor visits and drew what we had learnt.

Then we had some time in the Big Space. We really like using the iPads and playing in the Doctor's Surgery. We also like using the natural objects in our creations. They remind us to take care of the things that live and grow in our world.

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