Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Thursday is for Thinking

Today we began the day by sorting and classifying objects. We looked at the pencil cups on the writing table in the Big Space and noticed how they have been sorted into colours. Chloe was given a brown pencil and had to put it into the right group - 'family'.

We then applied what we found out and sorted some twist up crayons, glue sticks and shape tiles into 'colour families' (groups).

We noticed that you could also sort the shape tiles into different groups. We talked about sorting the shapes tiles into 'shape groups'.

Mila B - could do some circles

What makes them circles?
Mila B - because they are round.

Whats does round mean?
Tea - a flower

What other shape group could we do?
Eloise - rectangle

What makes them rectangles?
Tiffany - they're straight
Tiffany - they are a little bit pointy.

[Pointing to the triangle group] These are straight and pointy, are these rectangles?
Pre-Kindy: No!
Pre-Kindy: ???????

It looks like we will  keep exploring 2D shapes! :)

After Maths, we went outside for some fitness and outside play. It was a bit smokey outside. We hoped that it would clear up later in the day for Fruit Play and Lunch.

Mrs Abfalter worked with a small group and played the fishing game. We practised the letter sounds for m, s and tIt was so lovely to do this outside in the sunshine!

After fitness we came back inside for PreLit and listened to the a story 'Baby Boomsticks' again. We had to listen very carefully, because Miss Jeong chose people to retell a part of the story in their own words by only looking at the pictures. We are learning how to retell a story!

Mrs Martins used the Tellagami app with some more students today. We had fun making our avatars by choosing their eye colour, hair colour and clothes. After we were done we recorded our own voices saying,

"My name is ........ and I have...... sisters/brothers called............ in my family."

It was a very busy morning! Luckily the smoke seemed to clear away for us read for Fruit Play!

After Fruit Play Miss McKendry continued graphing smarties with those girls who hadn't had their turn and practised writing with a few girls. We are writing our names and how old we are.

Miss Jeong continued listening to some more of us clap syllables, rhyme words, identify the beginning sound in words and blend sounds together. 

Mrs Abfalter collected items with a group of girls and matched them to the correct number cards. We also had to put the number cards in order from 0-10. This was tricky but we are doing a great job!

 We are loving writing names on the iPads! It has been a GREAT day!

Don't forget your library bags tomorrow!

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