Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday began with Christian Studies with Mr Morphew. We read a story called 'Inside Out'. This was a story about how Jesus helped a man walk again. The man was so sick that he had to be lowered through the roof to get to Jesus. Jesus healed the man from the inside and out and forgave him for his sins. Jesus helps many people.

How can Jesus do these things?
Kaitlin - Because he is bored, strong and good.
Mila B - Because Jesus is the boss of the entire world.

We also learnt a fantastic new song called, 'This is the Day'. We had a lot of fun dancing and singing!

In PreLit today, we explored rhyming words. We needed to match pictures of things that sounded the same.

hen rhymes with pen
fox rhymes with box

mat rhymes with cat
wig rhymes with pig
Then we needed to brainstorm words (real and nonsense) that sounded like the words that Miss McKendry came up with.

fly, sky 
Sophie - by
Anneke - fy
Chiarah lie
Tiffany - hi
Eloise - tie

pig, wig
Chloe - ig
Chiarah - dig
Sophia T - fig

fox, box
Isabella - socks
Faye - docks
Sophie - blocks

After Fruit Play, we rotated through our activities with the teachers. Miss Jeong heard some of us clap syllables, rhyme, and blend sounds together in words. Miss McKendry worked with more girls to complete their Smartie Graphs. Mrs Abfalter played the monkey game with some girls where they needed to guess the word from the sounds the teacher was saying.

c - at = hat
m - at = mat
h - ouse = house
sn - ail = snail

We went to PE today with Miss McKirdy. Today we did manipulative exercises and focused on catching and throwing a ball. We did rolling a ball in a circle and bouncing it to one another. We practiced standing still, doing small throws and catching. It was tricky!

During 2nd Half Lunch it was Lego Club for Pre-Kindy and Kindy. A few of us enjoyed making things in the Evandale Library with Miss Jeong.

Lego Club happens every Wednesday for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten!

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