Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

Today in Christian Studies Mr Morphew read us a story called "A Little Girl and a Poor Frail Lady".
It was a story about how Jesus made a little girl alive again and how he helped a frail old lady.
Mr Morphew asked us Why are the people sad?
Sophia T - because the girl is going to die.

Mr Morphew - But Jesus said "I will wake her up".

Mr Morphew then asked us Can Jesus help dead people?
We were all unsure about this.

In the story Jesus went into her bedroom.  Jesus took her hand and told her to get up.  The little girl came back to life.  Jesus helped and healed many people like this.
Kaitlyn - He is so powerful he is the only one who can make dead people alive
Faye - He is the boss of the world

We then sang our song called "My God is so Big"
After our amazing dance moves and singing we went into the Bigspace and drew a picture on how Jesus helped people in the story.

Some super Groovy dance moves!
What beautiful Artwork!

Mrs Abfalter read a story called 'Aaaarrgghh, Spider!'.
This book is about how a spider wants to be a pet and belong to a family.  The problem is everyone is scared of the poor spider.  She ends up going outside.  We have to think about where she might go outside.
We will continue reading this story tomorrow.


We did stretching words today with Ms Jeong.
Some words we stretched by making the sound longer were:
We did this as a whole class and stretched out our hands

 We then were asked individually

Kate - m....y
Eloise - o...n
We then did some different words using our hands coming out of our mouth
then individually

Anneke - sh...e
Myrsina - p..ie
Charlotte t...oe

Phoenix - h...i

Some words were harder than others but if we listened very carefully we could do most of them.

Ms Jeong drew different kinds of lines on the whiteboard

Athena - squiggly
Chiarah - tiggly
Sophia T - wavy

Some of thought they were lines and some of us thought they were shapes.
Chiarah - they are lines because there not together

Ms Jeong told us a line is something that starts somewhere and ends somewhere else.
We looked at the way lines form shapes
Some were zig zag and some were curly.

We had a discussion with Miss Mckendry about they types of questions we are going to ask our next special Dr visitor. Stay Tuned!

Reminder: Please return your daughters portfolio if you haven't done so already.

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