Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Wow! Wednesday

Today was Mufti Day! We looked super spunky in our casual clothes. Thank you to everyone who made gold coin donations.

This morning we listened to the story 'Argh! Spider' again. Miss McKendry is helping us to learn how to retell a story, in our own words. To retell a story we need to talk about the story in order and include the important details. 

We are also learning to think imaginatively. Miss McKendry can't wait to hear our alternate endings to this story!

Mr Morphew talked about some of the stories we have read so far, and how in each story Jesus helped sick people get better and saved them by keeping them safe. We learnt from these stories that Jesus is caring and looks after his people.

We also read a story called "A Dark Night in the Garden". This story was about a man called Judas who told some guards where to find Jesus. Sadly, Jesus was captured and crucified.(this means putting him on the cross).  We talked about how Jesus died, but how he still lives on in all of us.

We ate Fruit Play and Lunch inside today because of the rain.

Afterwards, we went to our very first Junior School Assmebly in the AKT. We showed the rest of the school a video of our insect song that we performed on Open Day. We were so proud!

Miss McKendry and eleven other Junior School teachers have been involved in rowing over the last 4 weeks. On Sunday 29 May, they competed in a regatta and Miss McKendry's team won their final. We watched a video about what they have been up to, and the teachers all got a certificate! We were so excited for Miss McKendry!

Then we went to PE. We did different workstations today, practising our catching, kicking and rolling of the ball.  We are starting to throw the ball up in the air and catch it. This is tricky but with lots of practice, we can do it!

It didn't rain during lunch time, so we ate our food inside and went outside to have a play.

At the end of the day we had rest time and News, but the fire alarm went off in the Senior School and we had to evacuate the building. Lucky for us it wasn't raining! We saw two fire engines!!

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