Thursday, 23 June 2016

Last Day of Term 2

Well today was a wonderful last day!
We started the day with some parents coming to Pre-K to view our video the teachers made with us on what we have learnt about - Doctors, Nurses, Audiologists and Pharmacists.  It is a great video and we all star in it.  We are sure you will love it.  If you haven't already done so, please leave us a USB and we will make a copy for you to have at home.

We spent the rest of the morning playing in our big space.  Some of us did water colour painting and others drawing and playdough.  We love playing with our amazing resources and making up games with each other.

It is Annekes birthday during the holidays, so we helped her celebrate it today! Anneke brought in some super yummy cupcakes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNEKE!!!

Ms McMullin put on a video that was called "Little David and the Purple Crayon".  This is a story about a curious four year old boy who, with his purple crayon, has the power to create a world of his own simply by drawing it.  We all loved this story and the adventures he goes on with his crayon.

We hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday and look forward to a busy term 3.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Busy BeeThursday

Well what a busy Thursday we had.  We started off by rehearsing for our assembly.  We are so ready for our big performance.  Everyone knows their lines off by heart.

We then spent part of our morning playing outside and enjoying the Evandale playground all to ourselves.

Back inside we had our big moment running the Evandale Assembly.  Mrs Abfalter recorded this so everyone will get a chance to see us in action.  Our teachers are so proud of us.  We sang out Insect Song beautifully and did all the hand actions. We also said all of our lines correctly. We loved every minute of it and can't wait to do it all over again in the near future.

After fruit play we went across to the AKT and watched Year 4 Performance - The Curious Case of the Missing Porridge.  They did an amazing job and we just loved all the different costumes in the performances.  Well done Year 4.

Our portfolios are all finished and ready for you to collect and enjoy reading over the holidays.  So please don't forget to collect yours! Its located on the stage.

One more day to go....... before HOLIDAYS!!!!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning for our last day video showing.  If you would like a copy don't forget to bring in your USB.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

We started the lesson with a great warm up of the songs we have learnt so far with Mr Morphew. We love the music in Christian Studies!

We talked about 'Who's the King of the Jungle?' and Mr Morphew drew different animals on the whiteboard that we thought could be King of the Jungle. Mr Morphew is a great drawer!

We learnt that all of the animals on the land and sea and people, were created by God. Good is a good and loving king of our universe.

We then went out into the big space and completed our posters, which contain all the stories we have learnt about this term. These will be included in our Portfolios. Then got to draw and colour in our jungle posters.

We practised stretching out of words today with Miss Jeong. We practised slowly saying short words, doing the actions and quickly saying the whole word again. Afterwards, we listened to the sounds in words and worked as a class to write them. This is hard to do but we are getting better at it!


We are working together to spell 'Sam'

We had one more practice for our Evandale Assembly. Due to timetable issues, we will now be presenting our assembly tomorrow instead of Friday. We are so confident and prepared, so we are not worried at all! The teachers are so impressed with all our hard work.

We are also learning our surnames. We are using play dough to help us learn the shape of the letters in our last names. Then we have a go at writing our full name. We are really enjoying this!

There are only 2 days to go before holidays. 

Portfolios will be available for collection on the stage in the Big Space, tomorrow morning. 

We are looking forward to an enjoyable last couple of days!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Tuesday 21.06.16

We started the day with some yoga.  It was so good to take our shoes off and do some stretches.  What a great way to start our day.

Unfortunately there was no Art today as Mrs Lloyd is away as she is sick. We hope she feels better soon!

Ms Martins took a small group out in the big space and we were put into pairs.  We had a bee-bop between us.  We had to program it to go forwards, backwards, turn around as many times as we liked.  We all chose different objects for bee-pop to get to.  Some of us programmed bee-pop to go under the table and chairs!  This is helping us to learn positional language and construct simple algorithms in early computer science. WOW

We did ALLITERATION with Miss McKendry today.  Alliteration is such a big word and means words in a sentence that start with the same sound.  We also call them TONGUE TWISTERS.  Our first one was:
Tidy Tessa Takes Two Tomatoes
Athena, Chloe, Phynix repeated this so well and all noticed the sound was T.

Our next one was:
Big Bears Bite Biscuits
Kaitlyn, Mila B said the letter B was in all the words - well done girls
With a bit more practice we will all be able to do this.

Ms McKirdy put us all into groups and we did different activities that involved balancing, rolling, lifting, jumping.  When she blew the whistle we rotated to the next activity.  Some of us got so hot we started taking off our jumpers!!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Monday - Last week of Term 2

We started the day in the big space doing an activity that had been set up for us.  Miss Casella was here to replace Miss Jeong today. We love it when Miss Casella is here. We practiced for our assembly this Friday 24 June. We know our lines so well now and are ready to show everyone how clever we are.

Mr Morphew talked about the Apostles Creed and what some of the words mean.  Heaven is where God is King and he loves everyone.  We talked about Ascension, which means rising up into heaven.  

We started our music lesson saying "goodmorning" using different tones in our voices - high and low loud and soft.  Ms Clouson then threw the coloured bean bags into the air and we copied high and low voices depending on the colour of the bean bag.
We clapped the beat to "Lucy Lockett" and then had to decide if Ms Clouson was clapping to the words or the beat.
Tiffany - beat (Good listening )
Faye - beat
We practiced doing this to different songs like "Alison's Camel" and Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear song.
We are getting very clever at recognising the beat in songs and also clapping to the words.

Mrs Abfalter took a  small group and we practiced our sounds m,s,t,a.  We looked at words that start with some of these sounds like man, mouse, table, tent, apple, snake, star.  We knew the first sounds in these words.

Today we had some recent birthdays to celebrate with Dr Burgis   Eloise, Faye, Kaitlyn, Mila F, Anneke received a chocolate from Dr Burgis and  get to take their chocolates home to eat.Yum