Thursday, 2 June 2016

Friday Fun Day

In Art today, we got to draw circles, triangles and squares in our Art books using oil pastels. We tried to draw one shape touching another. We learnt that this is called overlapping. We noticed that when we drew shapes over other shapes, smaller shapes are formed. We coloured in all the smaller shapes we made. Mrs Lloyd said this is like abstract art!

Some of us finished our painting of art shapes and a small group of us worked with Mrs Lloyd to add material to our 3D shape sculptures.

We also chatted about how to be an good interviewer, to prepare our guest speaker later in the day. Some of us practised holding a microphone properly.

After Fruit Play we went to Library. Mrs McMullan was away today so Mrs Abfalter read us a story called 'Pig the Pug' by Aaron Blabey. We laughed at some of the naughty things Pig gets up to in the story. After the story we talked about sharing and how it is good to share and helps you to make friends. Poor Pig didn't share and was always grumpy and sad!

We returned and borrowed some books for the week. We can now find the alphabet letters our books belong to and return them by ourselves!

After Library we returned to the classroom to find another special guest. It was Mr Roxburgh (Eloise's Dad)! He is an audiologist and told us all about our ears. We learnt lots of interesting things and got to see inside Eloise's ear. Mr Roxburgh used a special camera and we got to see her ear drum. We learnt that having some wax in your ear is a good thing and that we should never use cotton buds to clean our ears.

We did some balancing moves! Mr Roxburgh explained how our ears help us to balance and know which direction is up and down. We also got to have a look at some hearing aids. We were even able to try them on! That was really exciting!!!

Thank you for coming in to visit us, Mr Roxburgh!

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