Monday, 6 June 2016

Happy Birthday Faye!

Today is Tuesday and it was Faye's birthday! We celebrated her birthday with some cupcakes that she kindly brought to school to share with us.

We enjoyed Art with Mrs Lloyd. She showed us some more of Hiromi Tango's artwork and explained how the background was also an important feature of his work. Today we took a break from the sculptures and began work on a backdrop for our artwork.

Afterwards. some of us participated in a technology lesson with Miss Martins. We are focusing on using positional language and creating basic sequences (which are helping us to understand the beginnings of creating algorithms.... WOW!)

We also practised writing words using the sounds m, s, t and a, that we have learnt in PreLit so far. We are trying hard to learnt correct letter formation as well.

We went to PE with Miss McKirdy. We played lots of team games! We are learning to listen to and follow instructions.

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