Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!!!

Today is Wednesday and it was Kaitlyn's birthday! We celebrated her birthday with some super yummy cupcakes that she kindly brought to school to share with all of her friends. 



Today we are working on our posters and finishing them off.

Before we did this Mr Morphew discussed every single story we have learnt this term to help us remember.
Our posters are drawings about each story which were about
1. Jesus is strong
2. Jesus is kind
3.Jesus is caring
4.Jesus is a healer
5.Jesus is a life-giver
6.Jesus is king
The last story was sad as it was about how Jesus died and how this was part of Gods plan.The angel told the people Jesus isn't dead he is alive and he would never die again after he rose from the tomb.  If we are friends with Jesus we can get another life too.

We used the Bee Bop today and had to say what type of dance we wanted it to do and then by pressing its buttons it did what we wanted.

Myrsina said - forwards and backwards
Anneke - turn around and then move forward

Mila B - Forward, back, turn around- (looked like a crab dance)
Athena - forward, back, forward

The Bee Bop is so clever it remembers all our dances in its memory.  

We sat in a circle and wrote some words in our books like
m a t
c a t

We then sounded out some words Ms Jeong pointed to. Even some made up words!
Tiffany - am
Kaitlyn - at
Jude - am
Eloise - mas
We are getting very clever at this.

After Fruit Play:
We went to the Junior School Assembly. We were invited to go along to join in the celebrations for NAIDOC week. Some students did a special drama performance. Here is a link to share with your daughter to continue celebrating NAIDOC week.


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