Thursday, 16 June 2016

Happy Birthday Mila F!

Mila F will turn five tomorrow, and we celebrated with cupcakes and song today.

Sadly, Miss McKendry was away sick today, so Ms Newman was with us instead. 
Get well soon Miss McKendry!


We are becoming experts on identifying the sounds.. 
In PreLit we used our picture cards to identify the starting sounds in words, and sort them under the correct letter. 


We spent some time in the Big Space today and a group of us practiced our rhyming words with Mrs Abfalter.  
We tried rhyming words with our names and then thought of other words like
cat, mat - Athena
star, car - Kate

Assembly was run today by the Junior Drama Group from the senior school. They performed three short plays about resilience. We loved the animal characters and learnt how important it is to accept ourselves and learn to 'Bounce Back'!

Next week it will be our turn to run Assemby! All our rehearsing is paying off and Ms Newman and Miss Jeong were very impressed by our practice run today.

After we returned our library books, Mrs McMullan read us the book 'Piranhas don't eat bananas' by Aaron Blabey. Then we worked with our partners to match the individual letter cards to the alphabet posters. Some of us were so speedy that we had a chance to sort the letters into alphabetical order without the poster as a guide. 

Waiting for Mrs McMullen to give the instruction to open our library bags before we return our library books.

Sorting letter cards on the alphabet poster. 
Attempting the alphabet without the poster as a guide!
Borrowing our books. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone! We are looking forward to our final week of Term 2!

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