Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Happy Birthday Myrsina!!!

We had a wonderful day helping Myrsina celebrate her 5th Birthday!! 
It is also Miss McKendry's Husbands 30th Birthday today also. WOW!!!! 
Happy Birthday to you both!!!

Today we did stretching words which means sounding them out slowly with Ms Jeong. 
This was tricky and we had to listen very carefully.  We did some words altogether first.
We also learnt a new letter and sounds Aa. We learnt all new words that start with the letter Aa. 

 Faye - a  n  t

Kaitlyn - a  p  p  l  e

Isabelle - a  n  k  l  e

Jessica - a  x  e

Chiarah - a  r  r  o  w

Myrsina - a s t r o n a u t  (this was such a big word Ms Jeong helped Myrsina sound it out.

Athena - a  m  b  u  l  a  n  c  e

While Miss Jeong was teaching us a new letter their were a group of girls who were practicing blending and writing words such as:


To continue Myrsina's birthday celebrations we had yummy cupcakes  and we ate them in the playground.      Happy birthday Myrsina from all of us at Pre-K.

We then had some time to play outside before fruitplay. 

Eloise showed us her news today which was about her dad who is an ear doctor.  We saw some pictures of Eloises dad looking into her ear and what some of the instruments do when you have a hearing test.  Eloise had to sit in a room with special headphones on!

After seeing these pictures we started coming up with some questions to ask Dr Roxburgh tomorrow.  We can't wait to find out more about it!

Pre-K will be running the Evandale assembly for the first time Friday 24 June. All of us have been given lines to learn. We have started to learn these at School also. 
Please remember to keep practicing at home.

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