Sunday, 19 June 2016

Monday - Last week of Term 2

We started the day in the big space doing an activity that had been set up for us.  Miss Casella was here to replace Miss Jeong today. We love it when Miss Casella is here. We practiced for our assembly this Friday 24 June. We know our lines so well now and are ready to show everyone how clever we are.

Mr Morphew talked about the Apostles Creed and what some of the words mean.  Heaven is where God is King and he loves everyone.  We talked about Ascension, which means rising up into heaven.  

We started our music lesson saying "goodmorning" using different tones in our voices - high and low loud and soft.  Ms Clouson then threw the coloured bean bags into the air and we copied high and low voices depending on the colour of the bean bag.
We clapped the beat to "Lucy Lockett" and then had to decide if Ms Clouson was clapping to the words or the beat.
Tiffany - beat (Good listening )
Faye - beat
We practiced doing this to different songs like "Alison's Camel" and Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear song.
We are getting very clever at recognising the beat in songs and also clapping to the words.

Mrs Abfalter took a  small group and we practiced our sounds m,s,t,a.  We looked at words that start with some of these sounds like man, mouse, table, tent, apple, snake, star.  We knew the first sounds in these words.

Today we had some recent birthdays to celebrate with Dr Burgis   Eloise, Faye, Kaitlyn, Mila F, Anneke received a chocolate from Dr Burgis and  get to take their chocolates home to eat.Yum

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