Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Mufti Day Wednesday

We were so excited that we had mufti day today. We were raising money for a very special cause - the Leukemia Foundation. This day was organised by Year 10 and Year 12 Students as a way of honoring the life of Casper Dickinson. Casper loved sport so we were able to wear a comfy tracksuit or a football jersey. We all donated a gold coin for the cause. 

Mr Morphew was sick today so we sadly didn't get to do Christian Studies.  We hope you get well soon Mr Morphew!

So we started the day of with rehearsing for our assembly that is next week (Friday 24 June).  We are getting so good at remembering our words and our special places to stand.  

We then went out in the big space and had some time to play on the stage and do an activity of our liking that had been set up.  The Teachers had a lot of work to catch up on with some of the Pre-K girls. Miss McKendry was busy filming girls Retelling the story Aaaaarrgghh, Spider! 

Mrs Abfalter spent some time with a small group practicing numbers 1-10.  We used play-dough and the white boards to do this along with the number cards.

We had PE outside again today. Ms McCurdy got us to practice catching the ball and throwing the ball.  We also did some hopping and skipping.

We then played a game where we had to get into teams and pick one tennis ball up from inside the hoop and run with it and then place it into the middle hoop.  We had to run fast and try and get as many balls as we could.]

Some of us got so hot running we took of our jackets.  We ended the PE lesson with a big drink!

Please continue to practice our lines (at home) for our Pre-Kindy Evandale Assembly. We need to know them off by heart before Friday 24 June. 

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