Monday, 13 June 2016

Terrific Tuesday

We hope everyone had a fantastic mini-break over the long weekend!

Today is Tuesday and we started the day with Art with Mrs Lloyd. There is one shape that we are still missing - A SQUARE! Mrs Lloyd asked us what a 3D square will be called. 

Tiffany - "a cube"
Sophia T - "our yellow shape is called a cone"

We are working hard to complete our big sculptures. Today we used cable ties on our sculptures to attach different items. Mrs Lloyd showed us how to use them. We need some more items from home to put on our shape sculptures. We will all try and remember to bring some things in.

A group of us went with Mrs Lloyd to tie shapes onto the sculptures, and some of us did art drawings with oil pastels in our art books.

After Art, we learnt about the letter Ff during PreLit. We practsied saying the beginning sound of the pictures that Miss McKendry showed us. We had to decide if each picture belonged to the Ff group or did not.

fish, feather, fan, flag, flower, fireman, fork

These are not Ff words
apple, tiger, star, seal, ant

We also brainstormed some things that start with letter Ff and took turns drawing them on the whiteboard.
Sophie - flea
Sophie - fireworks
Jude - freezer

Miss Martins also came to work with some of us using the Bee-Bot. We looked at how many times we need to press the FORWARD button to get to a certain target. This was tricky and we had to guess. We are able to identify the correct buttons to press to make Bee-Bot to go forward and to turn.

We then sat in a circle and took turns choosing a friend for the Bee-Bot to go to. We estimated and then set how many steps it would take for the Bee-Bot to get to that person.

Eloise guessed 4 steps to get to Tiffany  - She was correct!
Tiffany estimated 5 steps to get to Phynix - She was also correct!

Great estimating girls!!

Today we had our PE lesson outside in the sunshine today. Miss McKirdy set up cones for us and we had to formed teams. We practised throwing and catching with bean bags and balls, and we did some soccer dribbling. 

We used hula hoops and put them over our body from behind, then had to step through the hoop. This was hard and we might need a bit more practice with this one.

Tomorrow is a Mufti Day! 
Please bring in a gold coin donation. 
There is a letter in your daughter's handbook today with more information.

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