Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Thankful Thursday

The grass was a little bit wet from some light rain this morning, so we relaxed into the day with some nice yoga stories and some dancing to get us pumped up for the day.

After Fruit Play Mrs Abfalter did some rhyming games with a group of us. We sang nursery rhymes and tried hard to rhyme real and nonsense words with other words we knew.

Athena: Athena - Myrsina
Jiashan: house - mouse
Isabella: fish - bish
Jessica: hair - mair

Miss Jeong started working with us on a special project. We are making a documentary about doctors and nurses. We will all be part of this, and can't wait to see the video when it has been put together.

Miss Mckendry was also filming some of us. We are retelling the story 'Arghhhh, Spider!'. We look forward to showing you our skills in our portfolios,

During some developmental play time, Eloise taught some of us how to make paper fans. Thanks Eloise!


We had a great last day before our looooong weekend. YIPPEEE!!! We are very thankful for this mini break.

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