Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Miss Jeong read us a story called Goodnight Harry by Kim Lewis. Before we started the story Jude showed us where the top and bottom, front and back cover, title and author's name were on the book.

We also looked at how many words were on the front cover and how many letters. There were 2 words and 14 letters!

Before we listened to the story we talked about what we do before we go to sleep...
Chiarah - read a book
Phynix - brush teeth
Athena - clean feet
Faye - mum sings me a lullaby
Sofia B - drinks milk

Then Miss Jeong then made a prediction before reading the book - she thought the book would be about sleeping but elephant would have trouble going to sleep. We made some predictions about why elephant would have trouble...
Anneke - he wants a drink of milk
Sophie - a bad dream

During the story we talked about the words snuggle, sigh and dew and discussed what they might mean.

Sofia B - cuddle
Charlotte - nice and warm
Mila B - when you wrap your arms around really tight

Tea - you're tired
Tiffany - yawn
Sophia T - means you're breathing

the night dew
Chiarah - dark
Charlotte - cold
Tiffany - a little bit warm

We sat in a circle and Miss Jeong placed 2 crayons together and spread out some more on the floor. We practised placing our hand over the two crayons and saying the the number 2, then counting on to find out how many crayons there were altogether. The whole class counted while the person in the middle pointed to the crayons.

Miss Jeong then put 3 crayons down and we practised counting on from 3. Then some girls showed us what they had learnt about counting on. Chiarah, Crystelle-Marie and Faye all had a go on their own. Well done girls!

We spent some of the morning playing outside in the beautiful sunshine. We enjoyed having the playground all to ourselves.

We are all doing so well practicing our lines for our upcoming assembly next Friday.  The teachers are very proud of us. We are so excited!

Tomorrow is Library Day! Don't forget to bring your library bags :)

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