Monday, 20 June 2016

Tuesday 21.06.16

We started the day with some yoga.  It was so good to take our shoes off and do some stretches.  What a great way to start our day.

Unfortunately there was no Art today as Mrs Lloyd is away as she is sick. We hope she feels better soon!

Ms Martins took a small group out in the big space and we were put into pairs.  We had a bee-bop between us.  We had to program it to go forwards, backwards, turn around as many times as we liked.  We all chose different objects for bee-pop to get to.  Some of us programmed bee-pop to go under the table and chairs!  This is helping us to learn positional language and construct simple algorithms in early computer science. WOW

We did ALLITERATION with Miss McKendry today.  Alliteration is such a big word and means words in a sentence that start with the same sound.  We also call them TONGUE TWISTERS.  Our first one was:
Tidy Tessa Takes Two Tomatoes
Athena, Chloe, Phynix repeated this so well and all noticed the sound was T.

Our next one was:
Big Bears Bite Biscuits
Kaitlyn, Mila B said the letter B was in all the words - well done girls
With a bit more practice we will all be able to do this.

Ms McKirdy put us all into groups and we did different activities that involved balancing, rolling, lifting, jumping.  When she blew the whistle we rotated to the next activity.  Some of us got so hot we started taking off our jumpers!!

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