Sunday, 5 June 2016

Visit from the Nurse

We started our Monday stretching words with Miss Jeong.  Miss Jeong would say a word and break it into sounds eg
I want you to h o p
(we all then had to hop)
I want you to s i t
(we all sat)
I want you to s i p
We all pretended to sip
Ms Jeong then said a sentence like
He h i t the ball
What did he do
Ishana - hit the ball
The f l y landed on my food
Who landed on my food
Sopia T - the fly
I opened the l i d
What did I open
Mrysina - the lid
The p i g is smelly
Who is smelly
Chloe - the pig

Mr Morphew spoke about the Apostle's Creed and about heaven and what it might be like.
God is real and life is real and we are blessed to be here.

We had Miss Alix who is a nurse visit Pre-Kindy today.
Miss Alix told us she works in a big hospital in the city.  Miss Aliz wears a special uniform so people can spot her and know she is a nurse.

Miss Alix asked us what we thought nurses do:
Sophia T - check people
Sophie - check for germs in your mouth
Sophia T then pretended she has a broken arm and Miss Alix showed us what a sling is and how to put it on when you hurt your arm.

A nurse would also help you put your shoes on, carry your bag and help you get dressed if you had a broken arm.  They are there to help and care for you.
Miss Alix then showed us a stethoscope and explained to us how this helps us hear our heart.

We got to pass this around and we also got to pass around some bandages, gauze, cotton balls, tweezers.  Then we got to put bandaids on. They were micky mouse ones too!!
Miss Alix then told us about needles and how they are used to make sure we don't get bugs and sickness.

Some of us had some special questions to ask Ms Alix.
How do you give needles? - Tiffany

How do you check people? - Charlotte

We found this so interesting and loved looking at all the bandages and other things we got to pass around.

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