Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

We started the lesson with a great warm up of the songs we have learnt so far with Mr Morphew. We love the music in Christian Studies!

We talked about 'Who's the King of the Jungle?' and Mr Morphew drew different animals on the whiteboard that we thought could be King of the Jungle. Mr Morphew is a great drawer!

We learnt that all of the animals on the land and sea and people, were created by God. Good is a good and loving king of our universe.

We then went out into the big space and completed our posters, which contain all the stories we have learnt about this term. These will be included in our Portfolios. Then got to draw and colour in our jungle posters.

We practised stretching out of words today with Miss Jeong. We practised slowly saying short words, doing the actions and quickly saying the whole word again. Afterwards, we listened to the sounds in words and worked as a class to write them. This is hard to do but we are getting better at it!


We are working together to spell 'Sam'

We had one more practice for our Evandale Assembly. Due to timetable issues, we will now be presenting our assembly tomorrow instead of Friday. We are so confident and prepared, so we are not worried at all! The teachers are so impressed with all our hard work.

We are also learning our surnames. We are using play dough to help us learn the shape of the letters in our last names. Then we have a go at writing our full name. We are really enjoying this!

There are only 2 days to go before holidays. 

Portfolios will be available for collection on the stage in the Big Space, tomorrow morning. 

We are looking forward to an enjoyable last couple of days!

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