Sunday, 31 July 2016

Magic Monday

Sadly, we did not have music today as Ms Clouston was away. However, we had a great day with lots of fun activities with our teachers!

If today is Monday what was yesterday?
Jiashan - Sunday

Miss McKendry pointed to all the months of the year and when she got to August we all shouted out stop.  We found out that we have started a new month today, August. We have 5 birthday girls this month (including Miss McKendry).

Sophie and Olive had a go at being weather reporters. They stood up with the pointer and said...
"Today is Monday, which means tomorrow is Tuesday.  Today's date is the 1st of August 2016. It is cloudy, a bit cold and it might rain."

We will have new girls practising to be the weather reporter each day. How exciting! We need to research, by asking out parents what day it is and what date it is, in the morning each day.

Miss McKendry explored the letter i with us today. What it's name is and what sound it can make

What words start with the sound i?
Jiashan - igloo
Isabella - Isabella
Kate - igloo
Ishana - injection

Some pictures did not start with the letter i, and we placed those cards in another section.

Phynix - insects

Myrsina - dinosaur (starts with d)

Chloe - apple (starts with a)

Today we had Chapel in Thompson Hall. Mr Morphew talked about how God loves us. God is rain, crops, food and joy. He talked about GRATITUDE and how it is important to think of others before ourselves and be thankful for everything we have.

Miss McKendry showed us some pictures. We had to say what was happening in each picture and decide if you would do the activity during the daytime or night-time. This was tricky as sometimes an activity would overlap like brushing your teeth! We ended up with more pictures in the daytime hoop. Tomorrow we will continue learning about time, and look at sequencing time.

Miss Jeong practised number activities with us. We did some rocket counting forwards and backwards from 0-12. Then we sat in a circle and Miss Jeong rolled a dice.  We had to quickly figure out how many dots were on the dice and say what number it was. Miss Jeong asked us to explain how figured out our answers.

Then some of us stood up with number cards and we had to sequence the numbers in the correct order. This was fun, and the girls on the floor were a big help. Miss Jeong asked us to figure out which number came before and after, by asking us the questions, 

If I am number ___, who is my friend that comes before/after me?

Miss Jeong pointed to a number and we had to say it's name, then do actions. We did a different action for every new number. This was a lot of fun! We were quite puffed at the end of it.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Fab Friday!

Mrs Lloyd got us to finish off our imaginary drawings in our art books.
We also did some collage work in our art books with colorful paper.  Some of us made dragons flying over fairy gardens others had unicorns.  We did so many different pictures.
Mrs Lloyd took groups of us into the classroom and we added some foam shapes onto our amazing red cube.  This is nearly finished and all the shapes look fantastic.  We are keeping them in our classroom, so please come in and have a look.

It was so exciting during Evandale Assembly as we learn't a song for the Evandale Christmas concert. Miss Hobsen was playing the piano and Miss Jeong played the guitar. 

Ms McMullan is sick today so Mrs Shuttleworth took us for our lesson. She read us a story called "Annie's Chair" by Deborah Nilano.  Mrs Shuttleworth talked to us about the title of the book and asked us "What is an author?  Sofia B said - "it's a person who writes a story." 

This story was about Annie and how she loved her chair and no one was allowed to sit in it but her.  But her dog Benny liked the chair too and did not want to get off.  In the end they ended up sharing the chair because it was big enough.  Moral of the story - it is good to share!

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone! See you next week. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Red Cross Bumper Day

Today we started the day by practising our retell skills, to tell the story 'Duck in the Truck'. Miss Jeong read us the story again and we took turns retelling the story, and listening to each other to see if we were including the important information.

Miss Jeong pointed to a number on the wall and we had to say what number it was, then do the correct number of actions for that number. Some of our actions were hopping, jumping, karate kicking and boxing punches.  Learning numbers can be so much fun! Then  we did rocket counting 0-10, forwards and backwards.

Miss Jeong also asked us questions like:

If I am number 8 who is my number friend before me? Tiffany said 7.
If I am number 9 who is my number friend after me? Anneke said 10.

Well done everyone!

We had our second dance lesson today. We LOVE dancing!! The teachers were very impressed with our dance moves and listening skills.

Our project this term is called 'The Land of Make-Believe'. We had a discussion about what we think this topic might be about. 

Making. Chiarah
The world. Tiffany
You can think about things that are not true, and you can think about if they’re true. Faye
Your dreams. Sophia T

We talked about characters that might be found in the Land of Make-Believe, such as, mermaids, unicorns, ghosts, fairies and witches.

What might these characters do?
Charlotte - they might like potions
Tea - Fairy dust
Phynix - making witches potions
Jude - making unicorn paper - you can colour it in real love hearts
Sophia T - making fairy gardens for a surprise for the unicorns
Athena - fairies might get trapped in a volcano
Kaitlin - Fairies could shout out "Help me!" and someone would help the fairy

These were just some of our amazing ideas. Then we all went out into the Big Space and drew our own Land of Make-Believe.

We were very responsible and looked after our money all morning! We were all so excited to finally go across to the Hamilton campus and buy different things at the stalls. 

We talked about why we were raising money for the Red Cross, before we went. We also talked about using our self control, and the importance of not buying too many treats or eating too much sugarSome of us had our hair coloured and nails painted! We all enjoyed our shopping and can't wait to do it again.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday!

Today we learn't about the days of the week, the months of the year and todays date. We are going to continue to learn about this on a daily basis. We will also learn about the weather. We are all going to make fabulous weather girls!

We started our lessons with some of our favouitre Christitans studies songs - Whos the King of the Jungle'
Today Mr Morphew talked about "What is an Enemy"?
Mr Morphew told us how some people are not friends they are enemies.
The Israelites and Samaritans were not friends.  They did not like each other.
Jesus came along and told a story explaining who God wants us to love.
The story was about a man walking along a lonely road and he was robbed of all his belongings.  Several people passed him by without stopping even another Israelite!  Until a Samaritan came along on his donkey.  He gave him medicine even though they were meant to be enemies.
So who does God want us to love?  Jesus wants us to love people who are unkind, mean to us.  This is hard to do but we all need to try our best.
We ended our lesson drawing a picture about the amazing story!

We went to our very first Junior School Assembly today. It was held in the AKT building. Three lucky Pre-K girls won Achievement awards.  Jiashan, Sophie and Olive. Congratulations girls. We are so proud of you. 
Pre-Kindy also won the "Take a Bow Award".  WOW! What a day. 

Every Wednesday 2nd Half of lunch Pre-K and Kindy have the opportunity to go to Lego Club in the Evandale Library. We get to play, build and create using Lego.