Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Dancing Thursday!

We started our day very differently.  Firstly we did not play in the big space. We had to keep it clear for our dancing lesson which we will be doing every THURSDAY with Kindergarten.

So to our amazement we started our day in the classroom doing activities that were set up.  This was fun and we all enjoyed the change.

We had our first dancing lesson in the Big space and what fun we had.  We pretended we were pirates and we were looking for treasure.  We did a lot of hand actions and facial expressions and danced to some funky music.  These lessons will be run every Thursday for this term.

Due to the wet weather we started our morning tea inside and then the sun came out and we could play outside.  It was great to get outdoors and run around.

After morning tea we had free-play in the big space and in the second classroom.  Some of us played with the farm animals, fairies, light box.

A small group of us helped Mrs Abfalter sort out the shell and rock table.  We loved finding all the different size shells and stones.  Crystelle-Marie and Kate formed a pattern with the shells. "Some of these shells have crab marks on them" said Crystelle-Marie.
Kate - "with the bigger shells you can hear the ocean."

We set up a shop today and it was a lot of fun.  Some of us were customers and we took turns to be the shop owner. We love playing with the money and the till.

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