Thursday, 28 July 2016

Fab Friday!

Mrs Lloyd got us to finish off our imaginary drawings in our art books.
We also did some collage work in our art books with colorful paper.  Some of us made dragons flying over fairy gardens others had unicorns.  We did so many different pictures.
Mrs Lloyd took groups of us into the classroom and we added some foam shapes onto our amazing red cube.  This is nearly finished and all the shapes look fantastic.  We are keeping them in our classroom, so please come in and have a look.

It was so exciting during Evandale Assembly as we learn't a song for the Evandale Christmas concert. Miss Hobsen was playing the piano and Miss Jeong played the guitar. 

Ms McMullan is sick today so Mrs Shuttleworth took us for our lesson. She read us a story called "Annie's Chair" by Deborah Nilano.  Mrs Shuttleworth talked to us about the title of the book and asked us "What is an author?  Sofia B said - "it's a person who writes a story." 

This story was about Annie and how she loved her chair and no one was allowed to sit in it but her.  But her dog Benny liked the chair too and did not want to get off.  In the end they ended up sharing the chair because it was big enough.  Moral of the story - it is good to share!

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone! See you next week. 

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