Thursday, 21 July 2016

Fabulous Friday

We were so happy to have Mrs Lloyd back. We missed you!  We are so glad you are feeling better and back with us to teach us Art.

Mrs Lloyd started the lesson talking about the shapes we have been working on like the cone, sphere, square. Today groups of us worked on our backgrounds for these shapes.  

We drew make-believe things in our art books, like wizards, witches, potions, unicorns, wands and fairy gardens. We loved using our imaginations!

We had two special visitors in Evandale Assembly today, Mrs Karen Stephenson (PLC Aquatic Insitutue Manager) and Ms Lee Capes (PLC Sports Coordinator and Administrator) . They are both past Olympians! Wow!

Karen spoke to us about her experience as a 14 year old long distance swimmer at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. She won a bronze medal! Lee talked about her time at the 1988 Seoul Olympics as a member of the Australian Womens Hockey Team. Her team won gold! The teachers showed us their Olympic jackets, medals and the Olympic torch, that they both were given the privilege to carry during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

What talented teachers were have in our school! Thank you for coming to speak to us at Evandale!

We were all looking forward to our first library lesson for the term. Ms McMullan read us a story called 'Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas' by Aaron Blabey. This was a funny story about a Piranha called Brian who wanted to eat things like plums, bread, bananas - everything except Piranhas! After the story we were allowed to choose to do picture puzzles or read our books that we had borrowed.

We sang 'Old McDonald Had A Farm' again and Miss McKendry chose the  animal by sounding it out for us. We had to put the word back together and point to the correct animal picture. This was a lot of fun!
... and on that farm he had a  h e n
... and on that farm he had a  sh ee p
... and on that farm he had a  r a t
... and on that farm he had a  d u ck
... and on that farm he had a  d o g
... and on that farm he had a  ch i ck
... and on that farm he had a  p i g
... and on that farm he had a  d o g

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