Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Rainy Wednesday

Miss McKendry began the day with had some letters of the alphabet up on the Interactive Whiteboard. We saw pictures that started with that letter name, such as motorcycle and mask.  We had to say the name of the picture and the sound that it started with.

It was great to see Mr Morphew again and we started our first lesson back with our song called 'This is the Day'.
Mr Morphew talked to us about rules at school. He asked us what some of the rules are:

Kaitlyn - No running down the stairs
Sophia T - You have to wear a uniform
Faye - No running on the concrete

We have these rules to keep us safe and happy. God also made rules because he loves us and gave us rules to show us how life works best. We looked at God's first two rules.

Love your God with all your heart and all your soul and your mind.

Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Jesus said the most important rule is LOVE but can we love people and God perfectly? No we can't, and Jesus saw we couldn't do this. Jesus is the only one who can love us perfectly all the time and he died for us.

We had PE inside today because of the rain. We practiced running by doing two laps of the hall and then we were placed into teams for ice-cream races. We had to walk with hoops, and hold a cone with a ball on top. This was pretty tricky! We will be participating in this race at the Athletics Carnival, so we need to practise a few more times.

The teachers showed us some of the new activities that we are allowed to play with in the classroom. We really love the light projector!!

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