Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Red Cross Bumper Day

Today we started the day by practising our retell skills, to tell the story 'Duck in the Truck'. Miss Jeong read us the story again and we took turns retelling the story, and listening to each other to see if we were including the important information.

Miss Jeong pointed to a number on the wall and we had to say what number it was, then do the correct number of actions for that number. Some of our actions were hopping, jumping, karate kicking and boxing punches.  Learning numbers can be so much fun! Then  we did rocket counting 0-10, forwards and backwards.

Miss Jeong also asked us questions like:

If I am number 8 who is my number friend before me? Tiffany said 7.
If I am number 9 who is my number friend after me? Anneke said 10.

Well done everyone!

We had our second dance lesson today. We LOVE dancing!! The teachers were very impressed with our dance moves and listening skills.

Our project this term is called 'The Land of Make-Believe'. We had a discussion about what we think this topic might be about. 

Making. Chiarah
The world. Tiffany
You can think about things that are not true, and you can think about if they’re true. Faye
Your dreams. Sophia T

We talked about characters that might be found in the Land of Make-Believe, such as, mermaids, unicorns, ghosts, fairies and witches.

What might these characters do?
Charlotte - they might like potions
Tea - Fairy dust
Phynix - making witches potions
Jude - making unicorn paper - you can colour it in real love hearts
Sophia T - making fairy gardens for a surprise for the unicorns
Athena - fairies might get trapped in a volcano
Kaitlin - Fairies could shout out "Help me!" and someone would help the fairy

These were just some of our amazing ideas. Then we all went out into the Big Space and drew our own Land of Make-Believe.

We were very responsible and looked after our money all morning! We were all so excited to finally go across to the Hamilton campus and buy different things at the stalls. 

We talked about why we were raising money for the Red Cross, before we went. We also talked about using our self control, and the importance of not buying too many treats or eating too much sugarSome of us had our hair coloured and nails painted! We all enjoyed our shopping and can't wait to do it again.

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