Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sunny Monday

We started our Maths Lesson playing a birthday game. Miss McKendry would say a month of the year and when we heard our own birthday month we had to race to sit on the mat. This was tricky and some of us got out very quickly because we kept on forgetting what month our birthday landed on. If we keep playing this we will learn our birthdays very quickly.

We did stretching of words with Miss Jeong. Our letter today was 'Dd' and we practiced the sound it makes. Miss Jeong held up picture cards and we had to say what they were and if the picture started with 'Dd'. Some of the words were:
d - d o l p h i n  then we said the word quickly "dolphin
d - d o o r
d - d i n o s a u r
d - d a n c i n g
We also had some other pictures that didn't start with 'Dd' like
mouse, star, ant, flower.

Some of us got chosen to pick a picture card and then we had to decide its proper place under the correct letter it started with: 

Kaitlin - door (d)

Jude - flower (f)

Myrsina - dancing (d)

Sofia B - star (s)

Olive - mouse (m)

Crystelle-Marie said ant does not start with 'Dd


It was great to have our music lesson again after a 4 week break.
We started the lesson singing some songs and clapping to the beat.  One of the songs was new and it was called "Here is the Baby Ready For a Nap".  We did hand actions to this.
We then sang a song called "Snail, Snail" and formed a snail circle holding hands.  We sang this clapping to the beat and then to the words.
Ms Clouston told us instead of using the word "use RHYTHM instead!"
We found it tricky when clapping to the rhythm because there are generally more claps needed.
Ms Clouston finished the lesson singing to us a story called "Baby Beluga" illustrated by Ashley Wolf.

We had time to do activities in the Bigspace today.  Miss Jeong spent some time getting us to make our names with play-dough and Mrs Abfalter took a small group and went over some letter sounds we have been learning. 

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