Monday, 25 July 2016

Terrific Tuesday

We are working on our third shape today, the CUBE!  Mrs Lloyd told us how we will wrap the cube in red wool, then attach some of our red items to the wool. Some items that we  brought in last term are flowers, spoons, netting, beads and ribbons. We have so many things but we can still bring in more items from home!

Mrs Lloyd worked with small groups to start wrapping the wool around the cube.  It was very exciting!

We also were able to draw more imaginary things in our art books today. Some girls drew mermaids, magical trees and rainbows.

Miss McKendry read us the story 'Duck in the Truck' by Jez Alborough. Before we started reading it Miss McKendry asked us what we thought the the book would be about.

Phynix - The duck gets stuck!

We continue to practise identifying the front and back covers of a book, and learning about all the concepts about print. Miss McKendry reminded us talked about the role of the author and illustrator, and asked us some questions about what we might already know the story.

How is a truck different to a car?
Sophie - It has an area at the back for hay.
Chiarah - They are bigger.

What would make a car, truck get stuck?
Sofia B - mud
Sophie - compost
Eloise - log
Chiarah - pole

Miss Martins took a big group out in the Big Space and we focused on the colour of different shapes, and how the edges can fit together to create patterns (tessellating). We all made  different patterns. It was tricky trying to fit the shapes together without any spaces in between!

Miss McKirdy got us to practice the races we will be doing at our Athletics Carnival. We are getting very clever at running to the matching cones at both ends which will help us to remember to stay in our lanes on our big day. We started off doing a sprint around the hall. This was a great warm up and prepared us for the next 2 races. 

The trickiest race was running halfway, putting the ball into a hoop, then running the rest of the way. We have to remember to drop the ball into the hoop!

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