Monday, 18 July 2016

Welcome to Term 3!

We had a new student start today and her name is Olive.  We are all so excited to welcome her into our Pre-K world.

Miss Jeong introduced us all to Olive and went over the rules we abide by in the big space.

Ms Martins got us to use the Bee Bots in small groups and asked us to press the buttons needed to make Bee-Bot go forwards, backwards and round in circles.  We learnt this last term and we all remembered how to do this today.  This was testing our spatial awareness.

Ms Jeong read us a story called 'Splat the Cat' by Rob Scotton. We talked about the front and back cover and the author and then talked about what we know about cats and what they usually do with mice.  We then talked about what we thought might happen in the story.  Ms Jeong asked us what we thought the word "amazing' means in the book.
Chloe - means to be good
Kate - cool
Sophia T - Means your really good at stuff
We also looked at the word RETURN
Sophia T - it means COMING IN
RETURN MEANS YOU COME BACK Ms Jeong explained just like Splats mum in the story.
We ended the lesson singing Old McDonald had a Farm".  Ms Jeong said ch i ck sounding it out and we all put the word together.  We then did the sound a chick makes.

Ms McKirdy is now getting us ready for our upcoming Athletics Carnival.  We walked and ran in a mini marathon and then practiced running in between coloured cones and back again.  We are looking forward to our upcoming Athletics Carnival.

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