Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday!

Today we learn't about the days of the week, the months of the year and todays date. We are going to continue to learn about this on a daily basis. We will also learn about the weather. We are all going to make fabulous weather girls!

We started our lessons with some of our favouitre Christitans studies songs - Whos the King of the Jungle'
Today Mr Morphew talked about "What is an Enemy"?
Mr Morphew told us how some people are not friends they are enemies.
The Israelites and Samaritans were not friends.  They did not like each other.
Jesus came along and told a story explaining who God wants us to love.
The story was about a man walking along a lonely road and he was robbed of all his belongings.  Several people passed him by without stopping even another Israelite!  Until a Samaritan came along on his donkey.  He gave him medicine even though they were meant to be enemies.
So who does God want us to love?  Jesus wants us to love people who are unkind, mean to us.  This is hard to do but we all need to try our best.
We ended our lesson drawing a picture about the amazing story!

We went to our very first Junior School Assembly today. It was held in the AKT building. Three lucky Pre-K girls won Achievement awards.  Jiashan, Sophie and Olive. Congratulations girls. We are so proud of you. 
Pre-Kindy also won the "Take a Bow Award".  WOW! What a day. 

Every Wednesday 2nd Half of lunch Pre-K and Kindy have the opportunity to go to Lego Club in the Evandale Library. We get to play, build and create using Lego. 

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