Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Thumps Up Thursday

We have started learning a new rap to perform on Grandparent's Day. You might catch us rapping it every now and then. It's called 'Once Upon a Time in a Nursery Rhyme'.

Today we practised listening to the beginning sounds in words and revised some of the sounds we have learnt so far. We had to match the picture card to the correct letter card, depending on the beginning sound in the word.

Miss Jeong also challenged us afterwards to listen to the last sound in some words that she stretched out.

o - octopus

g - green

d - dog

Today we learnt a partner dance to the song 'Funkytown'. We had a great time! We did a good job listening to the dance teacher to follow instructions. It was tricky to remember who belonged to Group 1 and who belonged to Group 2. We had heaps of fun anyway!

Mrs Clouston saw us for music this morning. We missed her and were so happy to make-up our lesson! We sang "Lucy Lockett" and had to decide how many sounds were in each word. Our listening skills are improving. We got to use the drum and do the beat to the song. This was a lot of fun! The drummer sat in the middle of the circle and everyone else had to sing the song. 

We are learning a new song about a dog and we sang this with a partner. We got a little bit confused when we had to change partners but with more practice it will get easier.

Mrs Abfalter helped us to finish our Father's Day gifts. We really enjoyed making these and we will be bringing them home tomorrow. We are so excited and can't wait to surprise our dads!!!!

Miss McKendry and Miss Jeong worked with research groups to continue planning the home for our make-believe characters.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Windy Wednesday

Mr Morphew read us a story about 10 men who had Leprosy (lots of sores all over your body) who had to leave their village because they were so sick and the doctor could not make them better. They couldn't stay with their families so they felt very sad and alone.
One day they saw a crowd of people coming towards them and Jesus was amongst them.

Jesus sent them to the Temple Church and told them to go and see if they were still sick!
They started noticing their hands, arms were getting better.  Jesus had made them well.  They were so happy they all went home to celebrate with their families.
One man thanked Jesus before leaving. Jesus was sad that only one man came back to say thank you.
We then had to think of things we are thankful for:
Kaitlyn - chocolate
Phynix - soap
Myrsina - lollies
Chiarah - shops
Tiffany - flowers
Faye - builders
We thanked God for all these things in prayer.
We then did a drawing of the 10 sick men and the man who said thank you.


We had a wonderful assembly today and saw different numeracy and literature songs and sketches that Pre-K to Year 6 presented. 
The Assembly started off with seeing our own Pre-K video with all of us singing "5 fat sausages sizzling in a pan" song. We loved seeing ourselves up on the big screen. We did such a good job!

We looked at numbers and saw how they can be made into fractions and decimals.
Year 1 sang "counting fish". They clearly had practiced a lot. WOW.

Year 6 did a great letter demonstration with them all wearing a big letter and commented on how they felt being that letter.

We realised there is so many things you can do with numbers and letters!


We had different workstations to do and we rotated from one activity to another.  We loved having a go at every activity and then moving on to the next one.  We did hoops, skipping, running and then jumping over a rope, hopscotch and high jumps.  We were very hot at the end of the lesson so we had a drink as soon as we got back.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Tricky Tuesday

Today Mrs Abfalter was sadly away as she was sick. The poor teachers! We hope Mrs Abfalter feels better soon.

Today we began with some PreLit. We practised stretching out some words and also listening to sounds to figure out the word.

We are getting very good at learning the days of the week. The weather reporters for today were Chiarah and Mila F. They did a great job!

During Big Space time Miss McKendry and Miss Jeong worked with different research groups to continue planning home for the unicorns, ghosts and fairies. The other groups will continue soon!

The Unicorn Group creating their space:

The Ghost Group Planning their space:

The Fairy Group Planning their space:

Today the group played with the Bee-Bots.

We had fun with Miss McKirdy at PE. We rotated between activities, practising our running and jumping skills.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Make It Monday

We were so happy to see Miss Jeong back at school today, but now Miss McKendry was away sick. We missed her!! We hope she feels better soon. Ms Newman came back to look after us in Miss McKendry's place. We are very lucky to have her.

We read "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" again with Ms Newman. This time we looked more closely at the words - we took turns finding the first word on the page and then showing everyone which direction we read the words. We talked about what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story and some girls found those parts of the book. 

Mr Morphew talked about: Gratitude, Honesty and Persistence.

It is really important to persist with something. Persistence means to keep on going even when it is hard. Almost everything worth doing is hard sometimes.

Why are friendships hard? We are all broken. We are all messed up but we need to persist with each other. There will always be people who annoy you but you need to forgive each other like Jesus does. Jesus keeps on persisting with us. He never gives up.

We didn't have music today due to senior school photo day. However, we will see Ms Clouston soon. We have missed her!

Mrs Abfalter took some of us to the Art Area and we started creating some special gifts for Father's Day. We can't tell you too much because we want it to be a surprise.  We really enjoyed this activity and can't wait to see your faces when you see what it is! 

Shhhhh! Don't tell our dads!

Miss Jeong worked with a research group to find out more about Unicorns. We have drawn up some plans to make a home for unicorns in our classroom space.

Ms Newman practised writing numbers with correct formation with other girls. We are getting better!

The rest of us enjoyed time using out imagination on the stage, using iPads and particularly creating in the block corner. We love thinking imaginatively in Pre-Kindy!

Miss Jeong practised counting backwards with us from 15. We also played with a dice to help us recognise the dot formations. It's been fun explaining why we know the answer. It really makes us think about why numbers are the way they are!