Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Bastille Day

Miss Jeong showed us some pictures that rhyme with each other - cat, fat, sat, rat.

 Rat rhymes with sat. Sophie
 Bat rhymes with cat. Myrsina

We stretched out words and listened to sounds so we could spell the words. We are getting very clever at hearing the sounds in words by stretching them out.

Miss Jeong asked us to read the words we had spelt. After a while she tried to trick us by taking the pictures away.

cat - I know because it starts with a c sound - Sophie
fat - because it starts with a f sound - Charlotte
rat - because it starts with a r sound - Myrsina

We took turns reading the words without any pictures to help us. Some of us had to rematch the pictures to the word written on the board. We are reading words now, how exciting!

stretching words

counting the sounds we heard

reading the words we spelt
Yesterday was Wednesday. Today is Thursday. Tomorrow will be Friday.
It is the 18th of August 2016. The weather is fine and sunny.

What a beautiful day to celebrate Bastille Day! At Fruit Play we all went across to Hamilton to enjoy a lovely cup of hot chocolate and a croissant. We sat altogether and had a mini picnic. We really enjoyed it!

Today we continued exploring positional language. We talked about the language in between, in front, behind, and beside.

Miss Jeong gave some of us instructions and we had to listen carefully, so we could get in the right position.

Charlotte sat in middle of Mila Fand Jiashan. How do we know Charlotte is in middle?
Sophia T - because Mila F is on one side and Jiashan the other.

We learnt that 'in between' is the same as 'in the middle' and 'beside' means the same as 'next to'.

Charlotte is in between Mila F and Jiashan

Myrsina is on top of the chair

Olive is under the chair

Sofia B is behind the chair

Eloise is in front of the chair

Phynix is behind Chloe and in front of Crystelle-Marie

SCIENCE - 'The Land of Make-Believe'
Mrs Martin found out that we are learning about The Land of Make-Believe, so she was very excited to show us some special Science experiments that help us to be magical. She told us that Science can give us powers. Mrs Martin is our specialist Junior School Science Teacher. She is very clever!

It was so exciting! We found out that all the girls in Pre-Kindy have amazing powers. Even the teachers!

What is Science?
Sophia T - it's finding out things and [how] they work.

Mrs Martins had a special flask of purple liquid. Miss McKendry and Miss Jeong held it in their hands and the purple liquid rose up to the top and started bubbling. We didn't know that Miss McKendry and Miss Jeong had magical powers! Wow!

Sofia B and Sophie also had a turn, and the liquid bubbled as well!

Mrs Martin had some special sparkly balls. There were lots of girls in Pre-Kindy who have powers that can make the balls disappear with water. Some girls have powers that can make the balls reappear. Lucky! Because Mrs Martin said she would be very sad if she lost the balls.

Jude said she could see the balls, even though they had disappeared. What an amazing power she has, to be able to see invisible things! Just to check, Jude put her hand in the jug of water and pulled out some balls. Amazing!

We also made a potion! It was made out of purple cabbage and water. We mixed it in a blender so we could do it quickly. Some girls used their powers to pour the potion into small containers. When they did, it made the potion change colour.

What an amazing class we have! We didn't realise that all of the girls in Pre-K have special powers, even the teachers!

Mrs Martin has left behind an experiment for us. We need to use our powers so we can grow some crystals. Mrs Martin left us some magic water and told us that we would need to use our powers for one whole week! We better get lots of sleep so we can save our energy to use our powers! We will let you know what happens. Stay posted!


Don't forget that it is the Evandale Athletics Carnival tomorrow!
The teachers will meet the Pre-Kindergarten students at Blair Park at 8.45 am.
Wear your runner with your red and white tracksuit and house colour polo shirt.
Bring your Fruit Play and water!
Don't forget to bring your biggest smile!!!!!

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