Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dress as an Athlete Day

Today was dress as an Athlete Day at School. We were able to dress as our favourite athletes/sporting heros to celebrate the Olympics in Rio. 

Mr Morphew showed us pictures of his family when he was growing up.

We talked about what our dad's do for us:

My dad pushes me on the swing. Kaitlyn
My dad takes us places. Sophia T
 My dad takes me to the movies. Tiffany
My dad takes me on the scooter in the park. Olive  

Mr Morphew:
Dads can be kind and strong but are they all the same?! NO! They are all different.
How is God like a father? 
God is strong like a dad
God loves us and is kind like a dad
God gives us good things like a dad
God wants us to learn and be happy like a dad
God is like the best dad ever because:
He is strong
He is kind and he made us and loves us.
God gives us food, flowers, animals, rainbows and loves to listen to us.
If God is so important will he listen to us?
YES he will always listen to us because he always has time for his children. We don't have to wait we can pray anytime.

As a class we had to count how many dots were on the cards and say the number and how we got that number.  Sometimes Mrs Abfalter held up two cards which made it extra tricky.

Jiashan said 11 when Mrs Abfalter held up 2 cards with 5 and 6.  To get that answer Jiashan counted on from 5.  Well done Jiashan!!

Today we practiced outside for our Athletics Carnival.  We only have 2 more sleeps to go.  We started by running the mini marathon to warm up. We will be doing this at the Athletics carnival. We then practiced our 3 races for the carnival.  We are getting much better at running in our lanes and looking straight ahead.  We can't wait for you to see what we can do and how fast we have become.

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