Thursday, 4 August 2016

Fairytale Fiasco Friday

Mrs Lloyd showed us how to make magic wands with coloured wool.  We had to wind the wool around the stick.  We could use as much wool as we liked and there was so much to choose from. The colours were amazing.
Once we had done our wands we then drew any type of shape we liked and coloured it in with some special texta . We then tried our cutting skills.  Some of us could do it by ourselves but some of the shapes were tricky.  After we cut them out we stuck them onto the end of our wands.  
When everyone is finished Mrs Lloyd it going to take a group photo of us holding them. They look FAB!

Evandale Assembly was in our Big Space today.  It was run by Kindergarten.  They did an amazing job.  They talked about our 5 senses which are smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing.  They had been investigating sign language and sang us a song using sign language.  The song was called "I Can See A Rainbow".  They tried teaching us some sign language.  It was amazing to think this is how some people communicate.  They are so clever!

Mrs McMullen read us a story called "Mr Huff" by Annie Walker.  This was about a boy called Billy who felt sad all the time. He had a big black cloud following him. The cloud got bigger and bigger and started to huff!  Billy decided to start being friends with Mr Huff and he started getting smaller!  We need to be nice with one another and help each other and then we will hopefully feel happy most of the time!
After the story we got to start our fruit platters.  We cut up strawberries, oranges, grapes.  We will finish these next week.

We had Sophia T and Faye as our channel 7 Weather Reporters today.  They did a great job telling us what day, date and what the weather was like.

Anneke did her news today because this afternoon we have a drama incursion.
Faye showed us her animal book and she did some great drawings of different animals. Well done girls!

Miss McKendry read us "The Very Itchy Bear".  We now know where the title is on a book and where to find the author and illustrator.
We also heard some great rhyming words in the story like flea - sea
sure - more.

This was a creative incursion that explored the structure of narratives and personal expression using body language, verbal and visual clues. The girls entered a magical world of 'Make Believe land' full of Dwarves, Wizards, Witches, Dragons, Mice, Cats, Wolves and Pigs. 


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